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  • A review of fire management practices in African savanna-protected areas 

    Nieman, W.A.; van Wilgen, B.W.; Leslie, A.J. (2021)
  • The evolution of critical thermal limits of life on Earth 

    Bennett, J.M.; Sunday, J.; Calosi, P.; Villalobos, F.; Martínez, B.; Molina-Venegas, R.; Araújo, M.B.; Algar, A.C.; Clusella-Trullas, S.; Hawkins, B.A.; Keith, S.A.; Kühn, I.; Rahbek, C.; Rodríguez, L.; Singer, A.; Morales-Castilla, I.; Olalla-Tárraga, M.Á. (2021)
    Understanding how species’ thermal limits have evolved across the tree of life is central to predicting species’ responses to climate change. Here, using experimentally-derived estimates of thermal tolerance limits for ...
  • Genetic insights into the globally invasive and taxonomically problematic tree genus Prosopis 

    Castillo, M.L.; Schaffner, U.; van Wilgen, B.W.; Montaño, N.M.; Bustamante, R.O.; Cosacov, A.; Mathese, M.J.; Le Roux, J.J. (2020)
    Accurate taxonomic identification of alien species is crucial to detect new incursions, prevent or reduce the arrival of new invaders and implement management options such as biological control. Globally, the taxonomy of ...
  • Mechanistic reconciliation of community and invasion ecology 

    Latombe, G.; Richardson, D.M.; McGeoch, M.A.; Altwegg, R.; Catford, J.A.; Chase, J.M.; Courchamp, F.; Esler, K.J.; Jeschke, J.M.; Landi, P.; Measey, J.; Midgley, G.F.; Minoarivelo, H.O.; Rodger, J.G.; Hui, C. (2021)
    Community and invasion ecology have mostly grown independently. There is substantial overlap in the processes captured by different models in the two fields, and various frameworks have been developed to reduce this ...
  • After the fire: assessing the microhabitat of Capensibufo rosei (Hewitt, 1926) 

    Measey, J.; Becker, F.; Tolley, K.A. (2021)
    Rose’s dwarf mountain toadlet, Capensibufo rosei (Hewitt, 1926), is endemic to fire-dependent, montane fynbos vegetation on South Africa’s Cape Peninsula. The area undergoes natural fire cycles that are disrupted due to ...

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