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Date of IssueTitle Authors
23-Jun-2017 Cederberg climate data 2016Nortje, Erika
11-May-2017 Dataset: Predators & musselsRobinson, TB
7-Mar-2017 The impact of Xenopus laevis predation on aquatic ecosystemsThorp, Corey James
17-Feb-2017 Investigating the morphology, locomotory performance and macroecology of a sub-Saharan African frog radiation (Anura: Pyxicephalidae)Rebelo, Alexander Douglas
2017 Unresolved native range taxonomy complicates inferences in invasion ecology: Acacia dealbata Link as an exampleHirsch, H.; Gallien, L.; Impson, F.A.C.; Kleinjan, C.; Richardson, D.M.; Le Roux, J.J.
2017 Counting chirps: acoustic monitoring of cryptic frogsMeasey, G.J.; Stevenson, B.C.; Scott, T.; Altwegg, R.; Borchers, D.L.
2017 Intra- and interspecific hybridization in invasive Siberian elmHirsch, H.; Brunet, J.; Zalapa, J.E.; von Wehrden, H.; Hartmann, M.; Kleindienst, C.; Schlautman, B.; Kosman, E.; Wesche, K.; Renison, D.; Hensen, I.
2017 Invasion Science: A horizon scan of emerging challenges and oppurtunitiesRicciardi, A.; Blackburn, T.M.; Carlton, J.T.; Dick, J.T.A.; Hulme, P.E.; Iacarella, J.C.; Jeschke, J.M.; Liebhold, A.M.; Lockwood, J.L.; MacIsaac, H.J.; Pyšek, P.; Richardson, D.M.; Ruiz, G.M.; Simberloff, D.; Sutherland, W.J.; Wardle, D.A.; Aldridge, D.C.
2017 Are invasive populations characterized by a broader diet than native populations?Courant, J.; Vogt, S.; Marques, R.; Measey, J.; Secondi, J.; Rebelo, R.; de Villiers, A.; Ihlow, F.; de Busschere, C.; Backeljau, T.; Rodder, D.; Herrel, A.
2017 Thermal consequences of colour and near-infrared reflectanceStuart-Fox, D.; Newton, E.; Clusella-Trullas, S.
2017 Parasites of Harmonia axyridis: current research and perspectivesHaelewaters, D.; Zhao, S.Y.; Clusella-Trullas, S.; Cottrell, T.E.; De Kesel, A.; Fiedler, L.; Herz, A.; Hesketh, H.; Hui, C.; Kleespies, R.G.; Losey, J.E.; Minnaar, I.A.; Murray, K.M.; Nedvěd, O.; Pfliegler, W.P.; Raak-van den Berg, C.L.; Riddick, E.W.; Shapiro-Ilan, D.I.; Smyth, R.R.; Steenberg, T.; van Wielink, P.S.; Viglášová, S.; Zhao, Z.; Ceryngier, P.; Roy, H.E.
2017 ABSTRACT: Reporting on the state of plant invasions in South AfricaWilson, J.R.U.; Gaertner, M.; Richardson, D.M.; Rahlao, S.; van Wilgen, B.W.
2017 A response: Rather than unifying invasion biology, Dick et al.’s approach rests on subjective foundationsVonesh, J.; McCoy, M.; Altwegg, R.; Landi, P.; Measey, J.
2017 Do thermal tolerances and rapid thermal responses contribute to the invasion potential of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae)?Pieterse, W.; Terblanche, J.S.; Addison, P.
2017 ABSTRACT: Acacia saligna’s soil legacy effects persist longer than ten years after clearingNsikani, M.M.; Novoa, A.; van Wilgen, B.W.; Keet, J.-H.; Gaertner, M.
2017 ABSTRACT: Legume-rhizobium symbiotic promiscuity and effectiveness do not affect plant invasivenessKeet, J.-H.; Ellis, A.G.; Hui, C.; le Roux, J.J.
2017 Intransitive competition and its effects on community functional diversityGallien, L.
2017 ABSTRACT: Fragmentation effects and extinction debt in South African fynbosEsler, K.J.; Sandberg, R.; Bond, W.; Allsopp, N.
2017 ABSTRACT: The influence of fire on germination and plant species diversity in Swartland Shale Renosterveld in the Cape Floristic Region, South AfricaCousins, S.R.; Esler, K.J.; Witkowski, E.T.F.
2017 Thermal preference and performance in a sub-Antarctic caterpillar: A test of the coadaptation hypothesis and its alternativesHaupt, T.M.; Sinclair, B.J.; Chown, S.L.
2017 The viability of propagules of alien plant species sold for traditional medicine in South AfricaByrne, M.J.; Williams, V.L.; Wojtasik, E.M.
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