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Date of IssueTitle Authors
4-Apr-2018 Acoustic Spatial Capture-Recapture (aSCR) and the Cryptic Cape Peninsula Moss Frog Arthroleptella lightfooti MetadataLouw, Marike
1-Mar-2018 Patterns and processes of alien plant invasions in small urban areas in South Africa: The Berg River Catchment as a case study (RIEBEEK KASTEEL)McLean, Phil
1-Mar-2018 Patterns and processes of alien plant invasions in small urban areas in South Africa: The Berg River Catchment as a case study (ALL TOWNS)McLean, Phil
16-Feb-2018 Determining the invasive status of Australian Acacia species in South Africa, and the potential for eradicating species with limited distributionsMagona, Nkoliso
2018 New alien aphid discovered in South Africa: the woolly hackberry aphid Shivaphis celti Das (Hemiptera: Aphididae)Giliomee, J.H.; Millar, I.M.; Visser, D.
2018 The effect of water nutrients on the feeding intensity and development of larvae of Neochetina eichhorniae (Warner) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a biocontrol agent of the invasive water hyacinthMukarugwiro, J.A.; Newete, S.W.; Hauptfleisch, K.; Byrne, M.J.
2018 Plant invasions in South Africa: Insights from the 2017 National Status Report on Biological InvasionsWilson, J.R.; Faulkner, K.; Henderson, L.; Munyai, T.; Rahlao, S.; Zengeya, T.; van Wilgen, B.W.
2018 Out of the pot and into the fire: Explaining the vulnerability of an endangered small headwater stream fish to black-bass Micropterus spp. invasionEllender, B.R.; Weyl, O.L.F.; Alexander, M.E.; Luger, A.M.; Nagelkerke, L.A.J.; Woodford, D.J.
2018 Diet of bluegill Lepomis macrochirus in a South African reservoir during winter and summerNdaleni, P.M.; Wasserman, R.J.; Ellender, B.R.; Weyl, O.L.F.
2018 Global grass (Poaceae) success underpinned by traits facilitating colonization, persistence and habitat transformationLinder, H.P.; Lehmann, C.E.R.; Archibald, S.; Osborne, C.P.; Richardson, D.M.
2018 Emergence of weak-intransitive competition through adaptive diversification and eco-evolutionary feedbacksGallien, L.; Landi, P.; Hui, C.; Richardson, D.M.
2018 Assessing restoration potential of a critically endangered vegetation type following alien acacia removalHall, S.A.; Holmes, P.M.; Gaertner, M.; Esler, K.J.
2018 An integrated, spatio-temporal modelling framework for analysing biological invasionsMang, T.; Essl, F.; Moser, D.; Kleinbauer, I.; Dullinger, S.
2018 Cryptic cacti: combining molecular and morphological data to solve a biocontrol problemMbonani, S.E.; Byrne, M.J.; Glennon, K.L.
2018 Effect of temperature on seed production in the invasive grass Glyceria maxima (Hartm.) Holmb. (Poaceae) in South AfricaMugwedi, L.F.; Goodall, J.M.; Witkowski, E.T.F.; Byrne, M.J.
2018 The status and distribution of newly identified endemic galaxiid in the eastern Cape Fold Ecoregion, of South AfricaChakona, G.; Swartz, E.R.; Chakona, A.
2018 Vulnerability of Cape Fold Ecoregion freshwater fishes to climate change and other human impactsShelton, J.M.; Weyl, O.L.F.; Chakona, A.; Ellender, B.R.; Esler, K.J.; Impson, N.D.; Jordaan, M.S.; Marr, S.M.; Ngobela, T.; Paxton, B.R.; Van Der Walt, J.A.; Dallas, H.F.
2018 Habitat use responses of the African leopard in a human-disturbed region of rural MozambiqueStrampelli, P.; Andresen, L.; Everatt, K.T.; Somers, M.J.; Rowcliffe, J.M.
2018 New information on morphology and molecular data of camallanid nematodes parasitising Xenopus laevis (Anura: Pipidae) in South AfricaSvitin, R.; Schoeman, A.L.; du Preex, L.H.
2018 The performance of Dactylopius opuntiae as a biological control agent on two invasive Opuntia cactus species in South AfricaRule, N.F.; Hoffmann, J.
2018 Impacts of mussel invasions on the prey preference of two native predatorsSkein, L.; Robinson, T.B.; Alexander, M.E.
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