• EMAPi 2015: Highlighting links between science and management of alien plant invasions 

      Daehler, C.C.; van Kleunen, M.; Pysek, P.; Richardson, D.M. (Pensoft Publishers, 2016)
    • Frameworks used in invasion science: progress and prospects 

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      Our understanding and management of biological invasions relies on our ability to classify and conceptualise the phenomenon. This need has stimulated the development of a plethora of frameworks, ranging in nature from ...
    • Guidance for addressing the Australian Weed Risk Assessment questions 

      Gordon, D.A.; Mitterdorfer, B.; Pheloung, P.C.; Ansari, S.; Buddenhagen, C.; Chimera, C.; Daehler, C.C.; Dawson, W.; Denslow, J.S.; LaRosa, A.-M.; Nishida, T.; Onderdonk, D.A.; Panetta, F.D.; Pyšek, P.; Randall, R.P.; Richardson, D.M.; Tshidada, N.J.; Virtue, J.G.; Williams, P.A. (RG and RJ Richardson, 2010)
      This paper provides guidance on how to address the 49 questions of the Australian Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) system. The WRA was developed in Australia in 1999, and has since been widely adapted for different regions. ...