• Comment on Spracklandus Hoser, 2009 (Reptilia, Serpentes, ELAPIDAE): request for confirmation of the availability of the generic name and for the nomenclatural validation of the journal in which it was published 

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    • Habitat simplification increases the impact of a freshwater invasive fish 

      Alexander, M.E.; Kaiser, H.; Weyl, O.L.F.; Dick, J.T.A. (Springer, 2015)
      Biodiversity continues to decline at a range of spatial scales and there is an urgent requirement to understand how multiple drivers interact in causing such declines. Further, we require methodologies that can facilitate ...
    • Influence of intra- and interspecific variation in predator-prey body size ratios on trophic interaction strengths 

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      Predation is a pervasive force that structures food webs and directly influences ecosystem functioning. The relative body sizes of predators and prey may be an important determinant of interaction strengths. However, studies ...
    • Using functional responses to quantify interaction effects among predators 

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      1. Predator diversity alterations have been observed in most ecosystems as a result of the loss and/ or addition of species. This has implications for predator–prey dynamics as non-trophic interactions among predators, ...