• Historical fire regimes in a poorly understood, fire-prone ecosystem: eastern coastal fynbos 

      Kraaij, T.; Baard, J.A.; Cowling, R.M.; van Wilgen, B.W.; Das, S. (CSIRO Publishing, 2013)
      Wecharacterised the historical fire regime (1900–2010) in eastern coastal fynbos shrublands, which occur in a poorly studied part of the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK). Natural (lightning-ignited) fires dominated the fire regime. ...
    • Wilderness Lakes fish distributions and abundance 

      Olds, Alexis Amy; Weyl, Olaf LF; Smith, Kyle S (2013-01-28)
      Abundance and length frequency data for seasonal samples of the Wilderness Lakes system collected by Alexis Olds (CIB student), Kyle Smith (SAN-Parks) and Olaf Weyl (SAIAB). Some of these data were used for an MSc thesis.