• A global database of ant species abundances 

      Gibb, H.; Dunn, R.R.; Sanders, N.J.; Grossman, B.F.; Photakis, M.; Abril, S.; Agosti, D.; Andersen, A.N.; Angulo, E.; Armbrecht, I.; Arnan, X.; Baccaro, F.B.; Bishop, T.R.; et al. (Ecological Society of America, 2017)
      What forces structure ecological assemblages? A key limitation to general insights about assemblage structure is the availability of data that are collected at a small spatial grain (local assemblages) and a large spatial ...
    • Global Invasive Alien Species Indicator Database 

      Spear, Dian; Kleynhans, Elizabeth; Marais, Elrike (2012-03-07)
      Database of invasive alien species (including plants, mammals, birds, fish and amphibians) present in 57 countries, with references for impact and spread information.