• Animal introductions to southern systems: lessons for ecology and for policy 

      Chown, S.L.; Spear, D.; Lee, J.E.; Shaw, J.D. (Zoological Society of Southern Africa, 2009-10)
      Numerous animal species have been introduced to areas from which they were previously absent, and many of these have become invasive, with substantial impacts. However, in other cases, impacts are assumed from theory. ...
    • Biological survey of the Prince Edward Islands, December 2008 

      Cooper, J.; Bester, M.N.; Chown, S.L.; Crawford, R.J.M.; Daly, R.; Heyns, E.; Lamont, T.; Ryan, P.G.; Shaw, J.D. (Open Journal Publishing, 2009)
      A biological survey of the Prince Edward Islands took place in December 2008. The survey repeated an earlier survey of the populations of surface-nesting seabirds on both islands and of fur seals (Arctocephalus spp.) and ...
    • Challenges to the future conservation of the Antarctic 

      Chown, S.L.; Lee, J.E.; Hughes, K.A.; Barnes, J.; Barrett, P.J.; Bergstrom, D.M.; Convey, P.; Cowan, D.A.; Crosbie, K.; Dyer, G.; Frenot, Y.; Grant, S.M.; Herr, D.; Kennicutt II, M.C.; Lamers, M.; Murray, A.; Possingham, H.P.; Reid, K.; Riddle, M.J.; Ryan, P.G.; Sanson, L.; Shaw, J.D.; Sparrow, M.D.; Summerhayes, C.; Terauds, A.; Wall, D.H. (2012)
    • Climate change and elevational diversity capacity: Do weedy species take up the slack? 

      Chown, S.L.; Le Roux, P.C.; Ramaswiela, T.; Kalwij, J.M.; Shaw, J.D.; McGeoch, M.A. (Royal Society, 2012)
      Climate change leads to species range shifts and consequently to changes in diversity. For many systems, increases in diversity capacity have been forecast, with spare capacity to be taken up by a pool of weedy species moved ...
    • Conservation of Southern Ocean Islands: invertebrates as exemplars 

      Chown, S.L.; Lee, J.E.; Shaw, J.D. (Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2008-03-12)
      The Southern Ocean Islands (SOI) have an exceptionally high conservation status, and human activity on the islands is low by comparison with more tropical islands. In consequence, overexploitation, pollution and habitat ...
    • Further support for thermal ecosystem engineering by wandering albatross 

      Haupt, T.M.; Sinclair, B.J.; Shaw, J.D.; Chown, S.L. (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
      On sub-Antarctic Marion Island, wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) nests support high abundances of tineid moth, Pringleophaga marioni, caterpillars. Previous work proposed that the birds serve as thermal ecosystem ...
    • Taxonomic homogenization and differentiation across Southern Ocean Islands differ among insects and vascular plants 

      Shaw, J.D.; Spear, D.; Greve, M.; Chown, S.L. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2010)
      Aim To investigate taxonomic homogenization and/or differentiation of insect and vascular plant assemblages across the Southern Ocean Islands (SOI), and how they differ with changing spatial extent and taxonomic ...