Recent Submissions

  • Wind speed and direction on Juniors Kop, Marion Island 

    le Roux, Peter C.; Chown, Steven L. (2011-08-23)
    Wind speed and direction at 1m height were logged at five locations on Juniors Kop (Marion Island). The loggers were deployed in May 2009 and May 2010, but the data time series differ in length due to sensor damage.
  • Karoo road verge study: Plot waypoints in UTM format 

    Kalwij, Jesse Jr (2008-07-04)
    This zipped geodataset provides the location of the 240 plots. Additional plot-level environmental data include: - Lat/long position in decimal degrees - annual precipitation (Lynch 2003) - altitude - distance (km) ...
  • Summary of South African Traffic Monitoring Data (1994-2006) 

    Kalwij, Jesse; McGeoch, Melodie (2008-02-25)
    Mikros Traffic Monitoring (Pty) Ltd provides a traffic data collection service to various clients. Their biggest client is the South African National Roads Agency for which they operate in the order of 350 Permanent & ...