• Niche shift and resource supplementation facilitate and amphibian range expansion 

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      Aim: To determine whether recent range expansion of small-bodied arboreal frogs, Hyperolius marmoratus Rapp, is accompanied by changes in species–environment relationships and whether its historical range was constrained ...
    • Opening the floor for discussion: A perspective on how scholars perceive attitudes to science in policymaking in South Africa 

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      Phenotypic plasticity may buffer the selection pressures on organisms that inhabit novel or rapidly-changing environments. We investigated plasticity of thermal tolerance, energetic and water loss traits and their interaction ...
    • Renewed management system and provisions for South Africa's sub-Antarctic islands 

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      A novel environmental management plan (EMP) produced for the Prince Edward islands provides a systematic and comprehensive set of provisions for the management of the islands’ biodiversity and historical estate. The plan ...
    • Science and education at the Centre for Invasion Biology 

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      South Africa has severe problems caused by biological invasions in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and a long history of managing biological invasions. However, appreciation and systematic study of the ...
    • Soil biota in a megadiverse country: Current knowledge and future research directions in South Africa 

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      Soils are integral to agricultural productivity, biodiversity, and the maintenance of ecosystem services. However, soil ecosystem research depends on foundational biological knowledge that is often missing. In this review, ...
    • The unknown underworld: Understanding soil health in South Africa 

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      The need to provide food security to a growing human population in the face of global threats such as climate change, land transformation, invasive species and pollution is placing increasing pressure on South African ...